• Age: 22
  • Sex: female
  • Origin: african
  • Figure: M
  • Hair: brunette

About me

I’m sexy and pretty,I smile alot and that’s make me very friendly.I’m open minded and that’s make it fun to chat with feel free to talk about anything you’d want me to know.If you see me online I’m horny and need some good time and also satisfy you too.Don’t be afraid to share your fetish with me if I’m able to do it I will try my best to satisfy you ❤️.
I’ll be online at 9pm-6am1pm-5pmEveryday except Tuesdays
I like honest and kind people,I like it when my viewers engage with me through tipping that makes me very happy ❤️
I hate rude people,I hate when someone wants me to do something for free

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