• Age: 30
  • Sex: female
  • Origin: european
  • Figure: S
  • Hair: black

About me

Beautiful brunette lady, long legs, big tits dirty mind,I am a really hot and open-minded girl willing to try everything in sex.In my latesy fantasy ,You walk into my room and see me naked on my bed and blindfolded , with two hands cuffs either side of me.You walk in and without saying a word , you force my legs apart and just breath warm air across my lips and then suddenly you stop and flip me over , onto my front, and pull my cheeks appart .Sliding your throbbing cock into my ass slowly at first and then thrusting.I am grabbing into the bed sheet and screaming.You are so turned on , you rip off your clothes and your throbbing cock wants me.You jump onto the bed and stand above my hips as I moan and groan .You cum into your hand while looking into my eyes and then tell me to lick the cum off your hand , like a cat with a saucer of milk. mmmmmoooooooeeeeewwww!!!
I work every night, starting from 23 PM...thinking and dreaming about you !!!!
I love playing with my anal plug ,beads , dildo and strap on in private and I love anal, orgasm, atm, fucking throat, double penetration , footjob, cameltoe,.I have leather, body stockings, fishnet, nurse, maid, secretary, student,
I don ' t want to be far way from you !!

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