• Age: 20
  • Sex: female
  • Origin: asian
  • Figure: M
  • Hair: other
  • HD

About me

Hello everyone :d My name is Nami . a 20 yo art student ^^ What i like in sex : When it is big , hard , and rough ;) dont u worry i can take it deep. I like roleplays and to see how much i exite u. Big hard cocks , a forceful but not exactly dominant man that knows when is a good time to give me a slap. Slap me like a bitch , but call me your princess :d i also enjoy being on the other side and being more dominant sometimes too! i like to humiliate and make people do stuff for my amusment What i like in life : I like to draw and share my art. Sometimes ii like to draw online when i am in the mood. My favorite music janre is rap and hip hop , recently been exploring reggie , fell in love with bob marley!if u have any music recomendations or like my music taste , it is absolutely the best conversation starter with me , i listen to music all the time not just off cam , so if u are like me say Hi , i am sure we can be great friends, if u know what i mean ;)
i try to be online at least 5 days a week , always on weekends , sometimes offline on wensdays and either a day before or after wensday
Music , Art , Videogames , Violent and bloody tv shows , chips , good sence of humour
There is one thing i absolutely definately dont like , and it is being called words like "slut , bitch , whore " and alike. even in the webcam settings. Please avoid those.

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