• Age: 39
  • Sex: female
  • Origin: european
  • Figure: S
  • Hair: blonde
  • HD

About me

Hello!My name is Laura!I live in a small village in Hungary!I am tender, gently,capricious!Wild is my style!!I have clear skin ,green eyes,blonde long hair! I love watching sunrises and sunsets!I am very understanding and friendly if u don t try to change me but make me feel normal!I don t exist to explain my existence to others!I find solitude very comforting!I am not the key for every door!My mind is a dirty thing and i love having you in it! I like erotic art and to pose naked in the wild!I m an odd combination of really sweet and don t mess with me!Don t be shy to say hello!
Sometimes camming all day sometimes all night european time!i don t have a schedule1
ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE -HEARING UR FANTASY- AND SHARING NICE PLEASURE WITH GOOD GENTLEMAN,I like to masturbate for you and make you tramble with pleasure!I do anal,blowjob,finger play ,both holes fuck ,suck toes ,cum sometimes!
Rude people!Don t be a dick!Being a dick don t make yours any bigger!

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